I always loved buying second hand from a young age and experimented with upcycling pieces to develop my own style.

It felt natural, when I became commercial director in discount fashion, to pursue sustainable solutions for collections.  ‘Fast fashion’s’ focus on quantity and price, however, frustrated me as this always superseded true sustainability.

Inspired by the creative souls of Barcelona, I left my life in Holland to pursue my passion project. To use my creativity for good. To create beautifully crafted pieces, that are sustainable and celebrate true individuality. In January 2022 Nena was born. 

Slow fashion with a voice behind it. One - to empower you to be the best you with bespoke garments designed around you. And two - upcycling fabrics and clothing to create long lasting items that look after our planet. I use every part of usable fabric -specializing in reconstructing vintage denim, leather and tuxedo. From upcycling belt straps into chokers to creating sleeves from leg openings.

I believe everyone’s beauty is unique. We shouldn’t all look the same. Nena is here to celebrate your individuality. To feel powerful and fearless. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Nena x