Fearless, upcycled, powerful


The fashion industry has a destructive and irreversible effect on the environment: it depletes the world of non-renewable resources, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and drains vast amounts of water and energy.

But there is hope. We can reduce the impact of our clothing use by making conscious choices. Let's make a concerted effort to wear our clothes at least 30 times before disposing them. Here are some tips to achieve this:


*Buy less and invest in better quality clothing

*Repair damaged garments instead of throwing them away.

*Buy second-hand clothes or take part in clothing swap parties.

*Learn how to maintain your clothes to keep them in good condition.

*Learn how to upcycle your old clothing.

*Rent instead of buying clothing you only wear for special occasions



Now Nena offers a new service where we reuse your old clothing to create our designs. If we reuse your old clothing you receive a discount of 15%.

How does it work?

*You select a design you like for example one of our reworked blazers. Send us a email with your request at sales@nenabarcelona.com.

*You send us your own old blazer and we remake it into the selected design. 

*You receive the NENA design made out of your own old clothing within 10 working days

*This way we reuse, reduce and remake together.